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Facing my biggest fear on the mat- fear of being upside down. For the past 4 years every day while doing headstand and handstands,I have felt a deep sinking feeling,like my heart is in my mouth, like I am drowning, like here I come crashing down and hurt my neck, like this is impossible, like I am not strong enough to hold this. But with time I started seeing why and beyond what I was feeling.

Today, even though the fear remains to an extent (honestly speaking) it gets better each day. Coming on the other side what really changed in these years was that I developed strength(more mental and emotional than physical),strength to be able to face things going upside down in my life, strength of speaking up and being true to myself, strength of knowing that I am strong enough to stand on my own feet (and head too hehe). Love the journey of yoga  <3

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