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6 Easy to make and Nutritious Meals for your Hotel Room

fb fruits

Hello my awesome people,

Talking about Food in America, we loved all of it!! The highlights were the breakfast buffet at Duke’s Waikiki (Hawaii) and every meal we ate in San Francisco…

I think best thing about a holiday is that it’s a HOLIDAY and EVERYTHING, well except having to get out of bed just to get some food! In America, where some days were filled with ‘to do’s’ and excursions, a fair amount were for doing nothing and just relaxing. For days, like these hubby and I are the last people who want to change and get out for food. Room service can get monotonous + unhealthy. So, the day before we would go to Wholefoods (love love love love that place) and shop for easy things that I could prepare (actually put together) in the hotel room for the next day. Check out 6 Meal Ideas that we enjoyed making and eating….

Breakfast Idea (Local Granola with Tropical Fruits)


We loved eating locally bought Granola with beautiful Californian berries + mangoes + banana+apple+mandarins in LA


#2 Favorite Lunch (Light salad for Lunch time)


Lettuce+carrot+ cucumber+broccoli+avocado+canned chickpeas+salt and pepper dressing


#3. Hubby’s Favorite Lunch (Nacho chips+ Lettuce+cucumber+carrot+avocado+raddish+almond butter)


Nacho (cause it’s America :-D) salad with almond butter (for protein)


#4. Gluten-free Bread Sandwiches (filling is lettuce+ avocado+ radish+ carrot+cucumber+vegan cheese and salt+pepper)


Gluten Free Bread Sandwiches


#5 Snack Idea (Flax Seed Crackers with Justin’s almond butter and avocado)

cracker n avo

Our long distance snack for the day (on our way to Grand Canyon)

#6 Snack Idea (Banana+Almond Butter)


nana+nut butter


 Equipments– I used a plastic knife, fork and spoon available at Wholefoods. All the ABOVE dishes can be prepared with them…



Coffee display at Wholefoods in Hawaii <3 <3



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